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We are one of the best online sellers for fashionable and party or event wear costumes for kids. You can visit our online store and get quality assured products. We will provide you with the widest range of costumes across segments like cartoon character costumes, flower costumes, animal costumes, birds costumes.

Each segment has a wide range of dresses to choose from.

The costumes are made using the best fabric that prevents any type of skin infection and rashes and has substantial ventilation so that the kids can breathe easily and not feel warm inside.

The quality of the fabrics used is top-class and much lighter to ensure minimum weight is put up once you wear them. This will allow them to perform easily.

We provide you a platform where you can come and shop or rent from us all types of kids' costumes for various events like school convocation events, founder's day events, prize distribution events, sports events, etc.


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